Saturday 7 January 2017

April 2016 - daily log

April (3 new species)

[Fri 1st                  Israel: Crowned Sandgrouse at Ezuz. Drive south through deserts to Eilat.]

[Sat 2nd                Israel: Eilat area including snorkelling over coral reef.]

[Sun 3rd                Israel: Eilat, Black Bush-robin seen at Yotvata Hai-bar]

[Mon 4th               Israel: Eilat, drive north, Nubian Nightjar at dusk at Ne'ot Hakkikar]

[Tue 5th                 Israel: Continue north to Dead Sea, Striated Bunting at Wadi Ze’elim]

[Wed 6th               Israel: Masada in the morning, drive north later]

[Thu 7th                Israel: Crimson-winged Finch seen on Mount Hermon]

[Fri 8th                  Israel: mostly NW coast, later to Jerusalem]

[Sat 9th                  Israel: Monk Parakeet in Jerusalem]

[Sun 10th              Israel: Jerusalem to Tel Aviv and return]

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Thu 14th                Quick look round Hatfield Forest with Mark Lawlor produced Dictyla convergens (lacebug), Euscelis incisus (leafhopper) and Lasioglossum malachurum (bee). Then flew to Poland.

[Fri 15th                 Poland: European Bison, White-backed Woodpecker, Three-toed Woodpecker, Pygmy Owl at Bialowieza]

[Sat 16th                Poland: Bialowieza and Siemianowka]

[Sun 17th              Poland: Bialowieza to Biebzra Marshes. Moose]

[Mon 18th            Poland: Biebzra Marshes]

[Tue 19th              Poland: Biebzra Marshes back to Warsaw]

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