Saturday 7 January 2017

February 2016 - daily log

February (25 new species)

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Sat 6th                   

Sun 7th                  Lophocolea heterophylla (liverwort) found at Joy's Loke (Shotesham), plus Bolitobius castaneus (rove beetle) and Lumbricus terrestris (earthworm) found in the garden (Shotesham).
Mon 8th               

Tue 9th                 

Wed 10th             

Thu 11th                Ichneumon extensorius (ichneumon wasp) found under a stone in the grounds of the Nunnery.

Fri 12th                  

Sat 13th                 A walk around Shotesham produced Drymus brunneus (ground bug) and Plagiomnium affine (moss) along Joy’s Loke, plus Bembidion obtusum (ground beetle), Lathrobium brunnipes (rove beetle) and Lithobius crassipes (centipede) whilst rooting around in Shotesham Great Wood.

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Fri 19th                  

Sat 20th                 On my second attempt I tracked down Lathraea clandestina (Purple Toothwort) at Bowthorpe Marsh, and also identified Ceratophysella denticulata (springtail) from here.

Sun 21st                Looking under logs in Creasy’s Grove (Shotesham) produced  Badister bullatus (ground beetle), Quedius lateralis (rove beetle) and Balea sarsii (snail). In the garden, Pollenia rudis (blow-fly) was found sunning itself on the bee-hive, whilst I also located Microlophium carnosum (aphid), Tachyporus dispar and Tachyporus obtusus (rove beetles) by pulling up nettles then sieving them.

Mon 22nd            

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Fri 26th                   Quedius fuliginosus (rove beetle) and Strigamia acuminata (centipede) found under logs at The Nunnery.

Sat 27th                 In Brooke Wood, found clearly self-seeded saplings of Chamaecyparis lawsoniana (Lawson’s Cypress), along with Arion rufus (slug) and Agonum emarginatum (ground beetle). Back at home, found Phaonia subventa (muscid fly) sunning itself in the back garden.

Sun 28th                Occupied leaf-mines of Phytomyza ranunculi (fly) noticed in Lesser Celandine leaves in Shotesham.

Mon 29th