Saturday 7 January 2017

August 2016 - daily log

August (41 new species)

Mon 1st

Tue 2nd

Wed 3rd                Popped down to Minsmere to see the Purple Swamphen Porphyrio porphyrio and took the opportunity whilst there to add a few other species too: Aspidapion soror (rare weevil on Marsh Mallow), Dasypoda hirtipes (Pantaloon Bee), Megalocoleus tanaceti (bug) and Notoxus monoceros (beetle).

Thu 4th                  Lunch-time wander on Barnhamcross Common produced the rather localised Alydus calcaratus (bug) as well as Cheilosia pagana (hoverfly). I also found the sawfly Nematus tibialis inside the Nunnery.

Fri 5th                     Moth-trapping in the garden produced Goera pilosa (caddis) and Heterocerus fenestratus (beetle)

Sat 6th

Sun 7th

Mon 8th

Tue 9th

Wed 10th

Thu 11th

Fri 12th

Sat 13th                 Pleased to find Conops quadrifasciatus (conopid fly) in the front garden on Marjoram.

Sun 14th

Mon 15th

Tue 16th                Mark Telfer beat a juniper bush in James Lowen’s garden in Costessey and out popped Rhyzobius lophanthae (ladybird).

Wed 17th              Another new conopid fly, this time Conops flavipes on goldenrod at the Nunnery Lakes.

Thu 18th                Found Arge nigripes (sawfly) on a carrot head at The Nunnery.

Fri 19th

Sat 20th

Sun 21st                  I noticed a sawfly on the side of a marquee at the Rutland birdfair which turned out to be Pachynematus clitellatus.

Mon 22nd

Tue 23rd                Three new bugs on a lunchtime walk at Barnhamcross Common: Campylomma verbasci, Europiella artemisiae and Javesella pellucida. An excellent night in the garden moth-trap, especially for beetles – I added Bradycellus harpalinus and Ophonus ardosiacus (carabids), Gyrinus caspius, Myzia oblongoguttata (Striped Ladybird) and Psylliodes chrysocephala (flea beetle), along with the lacewing Nineta flava.

Wed 24th              Lunchtime walk along the river at the Nunnery produced four new species: Metylophorus nebulosus (psocid), Tuberolachnus salignus (Giant Willow Aphid), Anobium inexspectatum (beetle) and Cordilura albipes (fly).

Thu 25th

Fri 26th

Sat 27th                Following a tip from Mark Telfer, Duncan and I went to Wheatfen and found the highly localised leaf beetle Galeruca laticollis, as well as Scrophularia umbrosa (Green Figwort).

Sun 28th                Successful trip to Groton Wood to see Epipactis purpurata (Violet Helleborine), where I also picked up Malacocoris chlorizans and Phytocoris longipennis (bugs), as well as realising I’d never added Tilia cordata (Small-leaved Lime) to my list! Later in Harwich Docks, sweeping produced small beetles Sphaeroderma testaceum and Scymnus frontalis                .

Mon 29th              Sought and successfully found the bug Dicyphus epilobii on Great Willowherb by Shotesham Pond.

Tue 30th                Lunchtime walk along the river by the Nunnery prodcued Idiocerus stigmaticalis (bug), Rhinoncus inconspectus (weevil), Phratora vitellinae (leaf beetle) and Stenopsocus stigmaticus (psocid).

Wed 31st