Saturday 7 January 2017

September 2016 - daily log

September (45 new species)

Thu 1st                   Lunchtime on Barhamcross produced the weevil Orchestes signifer as well as a self-identified bramble, Rubus laciniatus. A new dung beetle - Aphodius rufus – in the garden moth trap that night.

Fri 2nd

Sat 3rd

Sun 4th

Mon 5th

Tue 6th                  Another excellent night in the garden moth-trap. It started when Tom brought down my first Ledra aurita (Eared Leafhopper) that had flown into his bedroom, clearly attracted in by the moth-trap. I then also added the coastal carabid Dicheirotrichus obsoletus (known to wander on occasion), Trox scaber (beetle), Athalia cordata (sawfly), Euphylidorea lineola (cranefly) and Polycentropus flavomaculatus (caddisfly).

Wed 7th

Thu 8th

Fri 9th                     Both Agraylea multipunctata (caddis) and Cunctochrysa albolineata (lacewing) found at the garden moth-trap.

Sat 10th

Sun 11th                A walk around Marston Marshes produced Megachile willughbiella (bee) and Populicerus nitidissimus (bug).

Mon 12th              Lunchtime walk near the Nunnery yielded Lasioglossum leucozonium (bee), Eupteryx urticae (bug), Macrocera stigmoides (cranefly) and Metellina segmentata (spider).

Tue 13th

Wed 14th              Found the cranefly Ilisia maculata in the garden moth-trap.

Thu 15th

Fri 16th

Sat 17th

Sun 18th                Barbecue at Cranwich Pits followed by a walk produced Stroggylocephalus agrestis (bug), Procloeon bifidum (mayfly), Limnephilus decipiens (caddis), Rabdophaga salicis (midge gall on sallow), Hygrotus inaequalis and Rhantus frontalis (water beetles).

Mon 19th              Lunchtime walk at Thetford Warren Lodge produced Cinara pinea (Pine Aphid), Longitarsus membranaceus (flea beetle), Orthotylus ericetorum (bug), Philotarsus picicornis (psocid) and Tachypeza nubila (fly).

Tue 20th                The tachinid fly Mintho rufiventris flew into my office at work, whilst beating the pine trees in the car park produced the small ladybird Scymnus interruptus. The latter (and also perhaps the former) were the first records for the Brecks.

Wed 21st

Thu 22nd               A very productive lunchtime walk at the Nunnery Lakes netted me seven new species; Eupteryx melissae, Orius niger (bugs), Trypetoptera punctulata (striking sciomyzid fly), Saprinus planiusculus, Thanatophilus rugosus (scavenging beetles both under a dead Woodpigeon), Neuroterus anthracinus (wasp gall on oak) and Tischeria dodonaea (leaf-mining moth on oak).

Fri 23rd                  The locally scarce wasp Ectemnius ruficornis was found at the Nunnery.

Sat 24th

Sun 25th                I found Ero cambridgei (spider) in the garden, Tipula signata (cranefly) and Lygus pratensis (bug) around Shotesham and then ‘twitched’ Nymphoides peltata (Fringed Water-lily) at UEA Broad.

Mon 26th

Tue 27th

Wed 28th              A walk at the Nunnery lakes produced Philotarsus parviceps (psocid) and later, Amara similata (carabid beetle) was caught in garden moth-trap.

Thu 29th

Fri 30th