Saturday 7 January 2017

March 2016 - daily log

March (61 new species)

Tue 1st

Wed 2nd

Thu 3rd

Fri 4th                     Trochulus hispidus (snail) found at The Nunnery, plus Brachythecium rutabulum (moss) found in Shotesham.

Sat 5th                    A productive hunt around Poringland Woods produced Julus scandinavius, Ophyiulus pilosus (millipedes), Drymus sylvaticus (ground bug), Quedius picipes, Stenus aceris (rove beetles), Campylopus introflexus and Funaria hygrometrica (mosses).

Sun 6th                  Tussocking and sieving leaf-litter on Shotesham Common produced Agonum thoreyi (ground beetle), Rugilus erichsoni, Tachyporus hypnorum, Anotylus rugosus (rove beetles), Eutrichapion ervi, Ceratapion onopordi (weevils) and Arctosa leopardus (spider). Later had a walk at Whitlingham to follow up some recent reports from James Emerson and added Ganoderma pfeifferi (bracket fungus), Helleborus orientalis (Lenten-rose, naturalised), Uromyces muscari (rust on bluebells) and Polystichum aculeatum (Hard Shield-fern).

Mon 7th                Lunchtime jaunt to Rishbeth Wood produced lots of Scleropodium purum (moss) on woodland floor, plus Atrecus affinis (rove beetle) and Nebria salina (ground beetle) under logs.

Tue 8th

Wed 9th

Thu 10th                Before work, a quick stop to do some sieving at Brettenham Heath revealed
Typhaeus typhoeus (Minotaur Beetle), Pterostichus strenuus (ground beetle) and Stenus impressus (rove beetle). More sieving on Barnhamcross Common at lunchtime produced Acupalpus dubius, Amara lunicollis, Syntomus truncatellus (ground beetles), Megalonotus dilatatus (ground-bug) and Cacopsylla melanoneura (psyllid). Finally, at home the cat brought in a dead mole, from which I identified Palaeopsylla minor (flea).

Fri 11th                   Another quick look at Brettenham Heath pre-work produced Otiorhynchus singularis (weevil) and Sepedophilus nigripennis (rove beetle). More rooting around in the grounds of the Nunnery at lunchtime turned up Anotylus sculpturatus, Ocypus brunnipes, Metopsia clypeata (rove beetles), Meligethes aeneus (pollen beetle) and Brachydesmus superus (millipede).

Sat 12th                 Tussocking on Shotesham Common produced Pterostichus diligens, Bembidion mannerheimii (ground beetles), Psylliodes cuprea, Psylliodes laticollis (flea beetles), Ischnosoma splendidum and Stenus ossium (rove beetles), the last of these being my 4000th British species.

Sun 13th                A walk around Shotesham produced Eudasyphora cyanella (a greenbottle-like muscid fly) and Dolichovespula media (Median Wasp, a queen in a rotting log).

Mon 14th             

Tue 15th               

Wed 16th

Thu 17th                During a meeting of Norfolk biological recorders at Carrow Abbey, I was kindly shown Didymodon insulanus (moss) and Corydalis solida (Bird-in-a-Bush, naturalised(ish)).

Fri 18th                   Ophion scutellaris (ichneumon wasp) identified from the garden moth-trap.

Sat 19th

Sun 20th                Gardening at home produced Xantholinus linearis (rove-beetle) and Cartodere nodifer (beetle sieved from wood chopping debris).

Mon 21st              After reports by others, had a pre-work walk at Wayland Wood to add Gagea lutea (Yellow Star-of-Bethlehem) to the list.

Tue 22nd

Wed 23rd

Thu 24th

Fri 25th                   A walk in Ashwellthorpe Wood revealed Cheilosia albipila (hoverfly), Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus, Perapion violaceum, Sciaphilus asperatus (weevils), Stenus flavipes and Xantholinus longiventris (rove beetles).
Sat 26th

Sun 27th                A trip out to Rendlesham Forest produced Elipsocus hyalinus (barkfly) and Longitarsus dorsalis (flea beetle).

Mon 28th

Tue 29th

Wed 30th            Flew out to Israel, drove to hotel in Ashkelon.

Thu 31st             Israel: mostly around Mamshit and later to Ezuz.