Saturday 7 January 2017

December 2016 - daily log

December (13 new species)

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Sat 17th                                 I spent a little time hunting around Holt Lowes first thing where sieving mosses yielded Lathrobium terminatum and Ochthephilum fracticorne (rove beetles) plus the bluebottle-lookalike muscid fly Eudasyphora cyanicolor. I was also pleased to spot Nail Fungus Poronia punctata on pony dung, still a rare species in Norfolk. Later I had a short time available to do a bit more tussocking and sieving on Buxton Heath which produced Agonum gracile and Xantholinus gallicus (beetles) plus what appears to be the first Norfolk record of the millipede Chordeuma proximum.

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Mon 26th                              Turning over some logs in Shotesham produced two new rove-beetles - Bolitobius cingulatus and Sepedophilus marshami.

Tue 27th                                Back up in Yorkshire, I found a couple of Platynus assimilis (carabid beetle) under logs at Adel Dam.

Wed 28th                              Another family walk, this time on Otley Chevin, yielded Lithobius crassipes (centipede) and Pellia epiphylla (liverwort).

Thu 29th                                I found the blowfly Pollenia pediculata  on the wall of my parents’ house in Bramhope.

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