Saturday 7 January 2017

May 2016 - daily log

May (54 new species)

Sun 1st                   Macrodema micropterum (ground-bug) found on Kelling Heath.

Mon 2nd               

Tue 3rd 

Wed 4th                   Perapion curtirostre (weevil) swept near pond at The Nunnery.

Thu 5th                 

Fri 6th                    

Sat 7th                    Odontomyia argentata (soldierfly, the ‘Silver Colonel’) found on Shotesham Common during a targeted search, alongside Hypnoidus riparius (click beetle) and Stenus cicindeloides (rove beetle), plus Aglaostigma aucupariae (sawfly) along verge in front of the house. Additionally, Limnephilus sparsus (caddisfly) and Ophion minutus (ichneumon wasp) both caught in garden moth-trap.

Sun 8th                  Berytinus minor (stilt bug) on Shotesham Common and Soronia grisea (beetle) landed on my arm at Shotesham Pub.

Mon 9th                Empis femorata (empid fly) at The Nunnery, swarming under maples by car park.

Tue 10th               

Wed 11th             

Thu 12th               

Fri 13th                  

Sat 14th                 After NFBR conference in Lancaster, had an excursion up to the Forest of Bowland where a number of us walked in the Cross of Greet area. Nice selection of species, given help from range of people, with 21 new to me as follows: Megabunus diadema (stunning harvestman), Pardosa pullata (spider), Andrena lapponica (bee), Bombus monticola (Bilberry Bumblebee), Aphodius ater, Aphodius depressus (dung beetles in sheep dung), Staphylinus erythropterus (cracking big rove beetle), Baetis vernus (mayfly), Brachyptera risi, Leuctra inermis, Nemoura cambrica, Nemurella pictetii (stoneflies), Delphacodes venosus (planthopper), Streptanus marginatus (leafhopper), Empis borealis (empid fly), Prolita sexpunctella (micro-moth), Carex nigra (Common Sedge), Carex pilulifera (Pill Sedge), Ranunculus omiophyllus (Round-leaved Crowfoot), Viola palustris (Marsh Violet) and Sphagnum fallax (my first named Sphagnum moss).

Sun 15th                Spent a few hours contributing to a bioblitz at Wheatfen, with a number of species new to me: Bibio leucopterus (fly), Tipula pabulina (cranefly), Molanna angustata (caddisfly), Lesteva sicula (rove beetle), Bithynia leachii and Radix auricularia (freshwater snails), Potamogeton friesii (Flat-stalked Pondweed) and Puccinia phragmitis (rust on Broad-leaved Dock).

Mon 16th             

Tue 17th               

Wed 18th             

Thu 19th                Gastrophysa viridula (leaf beetle) on Flordon Common

Fri 20th                   Phyllobius pyri (weevil) found on oak in Tasburgh.

Sat 21st                 

Sun 22nd               Local walk around the Shotesham area produced Bruchus rufimanus (seed beetle), Curculio venosus (weevil), Orthops basalis (mirid bug), Carcinops pumilio (histerid beetle) and Nephrotoma quadrifaria (cranefly).

Mon 23rd             

Tue 24th               

Wed 25th             

Thu 26th                Cylindrotoma distinctissima (cranefly) found on Flordon Common

Fri 27th                   Sericostoma personatum (caddisfly) on Barnhamcross Common then later, surprise find of Criorhina berberina in the garden at home.

Sat 28th                 Nymphs of the psyllid Psylla buxi on box shrubs by the pub in Brooke.

Sun 29th                A few hours at Woodbastwick Fen produced Anthonomus rubi (weevil), Cordilura impudica (scathophagid fly) and Phylidorea ferruginea (cranefly).

Mon 30th             

Tue 31st