Saturday 7 January 2017

July 2016 - daily log

July (47 new species)

Fri 1st                     Found Beraea maurus (caddis) in the front porch at home

Sat 2nd                   Another university open day to take Tom to, this time Durham. Took advantage of this to stop off at Bishop Middleham Quarry on the way back to see Epipactis atrorubens (Dark Red Helleborine) although sadly the flowers weren’t quite open yet.

Sun 3rd                 

Mon 4th                               

Tue 5th                 

Wed 6th                                Found the hoverfly Eumerus ornatus on Shotesham Common

Thu 7th                 

Fri 8th                     At a family scout camp at Hautbois, Mike Dawson and I did some nosing around after dark and found Laemostenus terricola (carabid beetle) on a stump. We also set a moth-trap in a garden at Neatishead from which I added the cranefly Phylidorea fulvonervosa.

Sat 9th                    The tiny wasp Psenulus pallipes flew into the house.

Sun 10th                Ran the garden moth-trap and added Batia lambdella (micro-moth), Macrotylus solitarius and Allygidius commutatus (bugs).

Mon 11th              Took the day off as John Martin was up in Norfolk and staying.  Quick whiz up Market Lane to show him some Sulphur Clover and was kindly shown Chenopodium ficifolium (Fig-leaved Goosefoot) in return.  Then off to Strumpshaw Fen where we embarrassingly failed to see any Swallowtails, but did see Ammi majus (Bullwort), Anasimyia contracta (hoverfly), Scirtes hemisphaericus (beetle), Potamogeton acutifolius (Sharp-leaved Pondweed) and Salix purpurea (Purple Willow). We then picked up Alex Prendergast and headed up to the north coast. At Beeston Bump, we found John his target of Purple Broomrape and I was pleased to add Malvapion malvae (weevil), Lepidium latifolium (Dittander) and Rubus pruinosus (a bramble, thanks to Alex). I also found a mystery plant which baffled everyone (including a Wild Flower Society meeting that happened to be there too!) which we later identified as Triteleia laxa – a garden escape sometimes known as Ithuriel’s Spear. Nearby in Sheringham we added Calendula officinalis (Pot Marigold) and Rubus intensior (another bramble). More brambles then at Pretty Corner - Rubus hylocharis and Rubus sprengelii. Driving back through Norwich we noted Consolida ajacis (Larkspur) naturalised along a roadside. Alex then took us to see his hybrid comfrey Symphytum x norvicense in Tasburgh, where we also found Potentilla recta (Sulphur Cinquefoil) growing naturalised.

Tue 12th               

Wed 13th             

Thu 14th               

Fri 15th                   Hydropsyche instabilis (caddis) in the garden moth-trap

Sat 16th                 Attended a bee identification workshop with Steve Falk in Mundford, where on a short walk we noted Chelostoma campanularum, Colletes daviesanus and the very rare Lasioglossum sexnotatum (bees).

Sun 17th                The second day of the bee course was field-based. At Cranwich Camp I added the bees Andrena hattorfiana, Hoplitis spinulosa and Megachile versicolor, along with the solitary wasps Cerceris ruficornis and Oxybelus uniglumis. We then moved on to nearby Cranwich Heath after lunch where sweeping produced lots of new species: Acetropis gimmerthalii (bug), Oxystoma pomonae, Taeniapion urticarium (weevils), Bruchela rufipes, Galeruca tanaceti (beetles), Cistogaster globosa (tachnid fly), Dithryca guttularis (picture-winged fly), Iassus lanio (bug) and Nomada rufipes (bee).

Mon 18th              At the Nunnery I found Hylaeus communis (bee) and Pachynematus vagus (sawfly).

Tue 19th                The cranefly Tipula lateralis found in the garden moth-trap.

Wed 20th              Another moth-trapped new cranefly, this time Nephrotoma cornicina.

Thu 21st               

Fri 22nd 

Sat 23rd

[Sun 24th              Flew to Iceland! Drove from Keflavik around to Myvatn.]

[Mon 25th            Gyrfalcons at Myvatn. Whale-watching from Husavik, Dettifoss, etc.]

[Tue 26th              Myvatn around to Djupivogur]

[Wed 27th            Djupivogur along the south coast via Jokulsarlon to Svinafell.]

[Thu 28th              Skaftafell along to Hella]

[Fri 29th                 Gullfoss, Geysir and Pingvellir]

[Sat 30th                Reykjavik and Keflavik area]

[Sun 31st               Flew back to UK]