Saturday 7 January 2017

January 2016 - daily log

I thought I'd stick down notes on my daily observations - they might be of interest to someone apart from me. Even if they're not, here they are for January 2016...

January (48 new species)

Fri 1st - Anyphaena accentuata (spider) found on edge of Shotesham Great Wood during a village walk.

Sat 2nd 

Sun 3rd 

Mon 4th 

Tue 5th - Bryum argenteum (moss) found at the Nunnery on top of large felled tree trunk.

Wed 6th - Lamium hybridum (Cut-leaved Dead-nettle) and Barbula convoluta (moss) on amenity grassland on edge of Barnhamcross Common.

Thu 7th 

Fri 8th - Ascotremella faginea (fungus) and Zygodon viridissimus (moss) found on dead wood at the Nunnery.

Sat 9th - Leptodictyum riparium (moss) found on dead wood in Ambush Wood (Shotesham).

Sun 10th - Aulacomnium palustre (moss) found by dune slack pool at Winterton.

Mon 11th 

Tue 12th 

Wed 13th 

Thu 14th 

Fri 15th 

Sat 16th 

Sun 17th - Plagiomnium undulatum, Homalothecium sericeum, Thuidium tamariscinum (mosses) and Philonthus decorus (rove beetle) found around Shotesham.

Mon 18th 

Tue 19th 

Wed 20th - Orthotrichum affine (moss) and Physcia tenella (lichen) found on tree trunks at the Nunnery.

Thu 21st

Fri 22nd 

Sat 23rd - Lobelia erinus (Garden Lobelia) found growing naturalised in pavement cracks at Grays (Essex).

Sun 24th - Lepraria incana (lichen) and Illosporiopsis christiansenii (fungus, growing on lichen on ash) found along Naiden’s Lane (Shotesham). Later, Lecanora muralis (lichen), Amblystegium serpens, Neckera complanata (mosses), Pellia endiviifolia (liverwort), Hymenochaete rubiginosa (bracket fungus) and Zygina angusta (leafhopper bug, found on box) all found around Whitlingham Country Park.

Mon 25th - Oedemera femoralis (beetle, quite local?) found under a log at the Nunnery.

Tue 26th - Usnea subfloridana (lichen) growing on wood in the grounds of the Nunnery.

Wed 27th 

Thu 28th - Hardya melanopsis (leafhopper bug), swept from Barnhamcross Common at lunch.

Fri 29th 

Sat 30th - Spent the morning learning about lichens, guided by Peter Lambley. At St Peter’s Church in Brandon I added the following to my list: Acarospora fuscata, Arthonia lapidicola, Aspicilia calcarea, Caloplaca aurantia, Caloplaca flavescens, Candelariella vitellina, Dirina massiliensis, Lecanora campestris, Lecanora crenulata, Lecanora soralifera, Lecanora sulphurea, Lepraria vouauxii, Physcia dubia, Porpidia tuberculosa, Psilolechia lucida, Verrucaria baldensis. Mark Telfer, Lee Gregory and I then went to Weeting Church to ‘twitch’ the lichen Rhizocarpon geographicum on its roof. We then went to the Wangford road verge by Lakenheath airbase where digging around in rabbit holes produced Catopidius depressus (beetle), Ectobius pallidus (cockroach, excellent find!), Megophthalmus scabripennis (leafhopper) and Truncatellina cylindrica (a tiny snail).

Sun 31st - Haematomma ochroleucum (lichen) identified from the brick walls along The Street in Shotesham.